MedPro Aquacare Shower Commode with Swivel Armrests

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Multi-purpose infection controls friendly chair.

The MedPro® AquaCare Commode can either be used as a commode, a shower chair or a sani-chair over a toilet. The seat is made of smooth sturdy plastic and is easy to clean and disinfect. The frame is stainless steel and is sturdier that the current market offering; it is smooth and easy to clean, also! The weight capacity is an impressive 350 lb. The MedPro® AquaCare Commode is designed to be used in a shower.

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MedPro Aquacare Shower Commode Features

While the majority of commodes on the market have a plastic coated metal structure which can be damaged or scratched easily and become an infection and bacteria hazard which is dangerous for a compromised immune system, the MedPro® AquaCare Commode has an easy to clean, non porous, blow molded, smooth seat; a durable stainless steel frame; and a smooth, removable, polyurethane, padded backrest.

  • Can be used as a commode, shower chair or sani-chair. Combines 3 products into 1, making care giving efficient and easy.
  • Smooth design allows for efficient cleaning and better infection control.
  • Water-resistant seat, armrests, seat cushion, backrest and footrest are removable to provide easier access and facilitate disinfection.
  • Non porous, blow molded, smooth seat is soft and supple, with extra-long opening.
  • Durable stainless steel, water proof frame provides stability ensuring patient safety.
  • Designed to be used in a shower.
  • Removable, locking, swivel-open armrests provide support to facilitate transfers and patient handling.
  • Four locking castors for added security.
  • Smooth, removable, polyurethane, padded backrest.
  • Smooth, removable, polyurethane, seat cushion included.
  • Removable, durable plastic footrest can also be used during patient transport.
  • Pail with handle and cover included (6.6 L).
  • Easy, tool-free assembly.
  • Spare parts available.

MedPro Aquacare Shower Commode Specifications

AMG Number
770 – 300 4 20.75″ (52.7 cm) 18.50″ (45 cm) 18.5″ (47 cm) 350 lb (158 kg)

MedPro Aquacare Shower Commode Accessories

  • Security belt (#701-138)
  • Seat for disposable bedpan (#770-380)
Also available, model with seat for disposable bedpans.

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