Pride Apex Rapid Mobility Scooter

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The Pride Apex Rapid; a portable travel scooter with ground breaking all-round suspension.

The Pride Apex Rapid is a sleek modern designed travel scooter and the first in its class to feature ground breaking all-round suspension. The Apex Rapid’s front and rear Comfort-Trac suspension ensures this scooter delivers luxury and convenience with a smoother ride where ever you choose to go. Many other travel scooters in this class offer little protection when travelling over bumpy and uneven terrain while the Apex Rapid absorbs the vibrations allowing for a comfortable and relaxing journey.

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Highly portable, convenient travel scooter with feather-touch disassembly. Splits in to 5 pieces for simple and easy transportation and storage with off-board charging facilities.

Even with a wealth of features you can still be assured of the Apex Rapid’s status as a highly portable and convenient travel scooter. Its feather-touch disassembly allows the scooter to be split down in to 5 easy to manage pieces. The heaviest piece of the Apex Rapid once dismantled is just 16.6kg (36.6lbs) making it simple and easy to put in to the boot of a car for transportation or to fit in to smaller spaces for storage.

A transportable scooter with 18A/Hr batteries allowing up to 13miles between charges and carries up to 21st with a handy off-board charging feature.

With its 18A/Hr batteries the Apex Rapid will allow you up to 13 miles range in between battery charges, plus this mobility scooter can comfortably carry a user of just over 21st (136kg). An added advantage with this scooter is the off-board charging feature it means you can conveniently leave the scooter in the car or shed while you charge the batteries off the scooter. Or if you prefer you can leave the batteries on the scooter and plug the charger it to the XLR high-level charging port handily located on the tiller.

Useful features like wraparound delta tiller, front shopping basket, LED kerb light, rotating seat and solid non-marking black tyres.

The Pride Apex Rapid also comes fully stocked with a wealth of useful features; a wraparound delta tiller making it easier to control especially for those with limited dexterity, LED kerb light, front shopping basket, rotating seat and solid non-marking black tyres.

Pride Apex Rapid Mobility Scooter Features

  • 21.6st weight capacity
  • Comfort-Trac Suspension
  • Easily detachable
  • Avaliable in red or blue
  • Maximum speed of 4mph

Pride Apex Rapid Mobility Scooter Specifications

Total width 52.7cm (20.5″)
Total length 101cm (39.7″)
Max user weight 137kg (21.5st)
Maximum speed 6kmh (4mph)
Range 20 miles
Chair weight (without batteries) 39.6kg (6.23 stone)

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