Eton Lift Chair

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‘Box in box’ dual motor lift chair with headrest

Fabric Section

Stonewash – Amber

Stonewash – Dune

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Eton Lift Chair Features

Aside from stylish appearance, the Eton also boasts the new integral ‘box in box’ mechanism. This fully enclosed feature means that nothing can inadvertently obstruct the chair in its fully lifted position. The Eton also includes an independent headrest function for enhanced comfort.

  • New ‘box in box’ technology
  • Two motor lift recliner
  • Independent headrest function
  • Handwand with USB port

Eton Lift Chair Specifications

Weight Capacity: 226.7 kgs (500 lbs)
Seat Width: 53.3 cm (21″)
Seat Depth: 52.0 cm (20.5″)
Chair Width: 87.6 cm (34.5″)
Chair Depth: 95.3 cm (37.5″)
Chair Height: 106.7 cm (42″)
Operation: Handwand

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