Pride Colt Plus Mobility Scooter

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The Pride Colt Plus; a sleek and sporty looking affordable rental scooter for those wanting regular comfortable use on the pavements.

The Pride Colt Plus has a sleek, sporty look and offers an affordable option for those looking for something to hire that has been designed for comfortable regular use on pavements. Thanks to its larger size you can travel in comfort compared to those smaller boot scooters; driving the Colt Plus feels more sturdy and reliable.

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A high performance rental pavement scooter with solid 10″ wheels and up to 15 miles battery range between charges.

This rental mobility scooter delivers high performance operation with a long battery range of up to 15 miles (24km) between charges. The Colt Plus is capable of regular daily use and its larger 10″ solid wheels allow you to travel comfortably over paved ground without the worry of punctures.

One-hand feather touch disassembly for transportable solution with comfortable seat, ergonomic wraparound delta tiller & long-lasting high intensity LED lighting.

The Colt Plus boasts lots of features to enhance your journey while out and about on this mobility scooter. Its large higher back seat with viscoelastic foam inserts to ensures you travel in comfort, the ergonomic wrap around delta tiller allows for greater control; especially for those with limited dexterity. It comes with long-lasting high intensity LED headlight, taillight and indicators so can be sure you can always see and be seen. The Colt Plus also features one-hand feather touch disassembly with auto-connecting front-to-rear harness which provides the ultimate quick transport solution.

Pride Colt Plus Mobility Scooter Features

  • Highly visible front LED light
  • 25 st weight capacity
  • 20 mile battery capacity
  • Maximum speed of 4mph

Pride Colt Plus Mobility Scooter Specifications

Total width 56cm (22 inch)
Total length 119cm (47 inch)
Maximum speed 4mph (6.4kmh)
Total weight (without batteries) 62.5kg (138lbs.)
Max user weight 158.75kg (25st)
Range 15 miles (25km)
Battery Requirements Two 12-volt, deep cycle (standard)
Size 2 x 31-36 AH or 40-45 AH
Weight 31-36 AH: 9.8 kg (21.5 lbs.) each, 40-45 AH: 14.74 kg (32.5 lbs.) each

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